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About me


ello, my name is Stephanie, I live in Düsseldorf, Germany and I love life, literature and interior design. I’m a secondary school teacher, teaching kids from grade 5 to the German Abitur. My twins are 8 now and attend elementary school. My blog frauschmittblog has become my alter ego since 2009 to share my passions and the things I love.

This blog covers issues that make life more beautiful. Reading literature on the one hand inspires to get a new perspective of life, interior design on the other makes home a place you really like to be. Decorating and finding new pieces that add comfort to your home are the icing on the cake to really feel home.

Being a forty something mom with young twins my personal recipe is sereneness. Having seen quite a lot of the world in my 20s and 30s I now truly enjoy my family life. I've learned that perfection is a dream but that you should strive to make your life the best life you can live. Who cares about coffee stains on the sofa, if there is a stain remover at hand?  

With my blog I combine my passion for the interiors with the need to make it appropriate for children. Thus, frauschmittblog shares the opinion that making kids aware of the beauty of old furniture you find at flea markets or in other people’s bulky waste is a life lesson that money can’t buy. DIY projects make them aware of the fact that you can actually make products with your own hands instead of just going shopping, which we all love doing as well. And last but not least kids' art is a great means of decorating in many different ways.

I'm German and I hope that I can give you a little insight into my life in Germany as well. I'm looking for contributors to this blog, who would like to share their lives in another country. I think it would be nice to see how differently we live in different countries. I'm planning to compare different lifestyles and views of life from different countries. What do you think? Would you like to be part of the game? If so, please write me an e-mail, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I write my blog primarily in German but you can find an English summary at the bottom of each post.

Life is all about making it extraordinary, finding things that make you happy and that inspire you to live your best life. I’d be happy to inspire you with this blog.


  1. Der letzte Satz gefällt mir ganz besonders! Das Alles hört sich so interessant an und ich werde nun öfter vorbeikommen. Schön, daß ich Dich durch den Kurs BYW gefunden habe.
    Alles Liebe, Manuela

  2. Das ist eine gute Idee mit dem english summary, ich denke auch immer mal wieder darüber nach, auf englisch zu schreiben, aber verwerfe den Gedanken dann jedesmal wieder... Vielleicht lass ich mich da von dir inspirieren!
    xo Zoe


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